Baby on Board (2017) Giclee on Hahnemuhle Pearl Paper in eds: medium 60 x 80cm (25); large 90 x 120cm (15); XL 120 x 160cm (10), XXL 150 x 190cm (7). All +2AP. Affordable Small Limited Eds on POD Satin Paper also available. Buy Art Now


"In the wild, when birth is very close, getting the baby out quickly allows the mother to move to safety" - Niles Newton.

'The wild' in our culture are car seats, lay-bys and corridors - or one could say hospitals themselves - and it is only through rarity or accident that we witness the curious yet normal and instinctive phenomenon of nature. The "fetal ejection reflex", where the baby emerges without pushing, is something that in theory many women could experience in circumstances different from those culturally prescribed.

Shot as a test for the production of Ejection Reflex.


On Vocal Media: There's Something that Should Happen in Every Birth, that You've Probably Never Heard Of 



Photographer & director: Natalie Lennard / Models: Kerry Lennard, Daniel Lennard / Prosthetics: Lifecast

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