"How Natalie Lennard Turned The Queen Giving Birth Into a Piece of Art"

10 March 2018 by Tom Sykes for The Daily Beast

The birth of the Queen’s youngest child has been dramatized by the artist and photographer Natalie Lennard, the latest in a series of works by the artist themed around childbirth.

“I don't think many people even know she had all her children at home. Just a short 50 years or so have somewhat brainwashed us to think birth belongs in the hospital"

"Artist promotes homebirth with striking film of the Queen's labour"

5 March 2018 by Joanna Tweedy for Femail / MailOnline

"An artist has painstakingly recreated the Queen's natural labour with her fourth child, Prince Edward, in 1964 to show how the monarch broke with royal traditions. 

"The controversial footage graphically depicts the Queen during the final stages of labour and asks the question whether a royal home birth might happen again for the first time in 54 years when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to her third child this summer."

"Beverley Turner Says We Need To Stop Being Squeamish About Childbirth"

3 March 2018 by Beverley Turner for London's Biggest Conversation & radio interview about Birth Undisturbed 

Birth Undisturbed on Betevé, Barcelona

Report on birth in art by Esther Vivas Esteve, Spain, Jan 2018

"Una fotógrafa pone a parir a la Virgen María..."

Jaime Noguera for Publico, Spain, 19 Dec 2017

Review of 2017: The Year of RE:BIRTH

31st Dec 2017. Artist's own blog post. “I want to fill the gap I see in art, women either token or broken. I want to story-tell a maternal voice screaming to be spoken."

Guest post for All4Maternity by Sheena Byrom

2nd January 2018 by Sheena Byrom. How the series 'Birth Undisturbed' began, and aims to connect art and maternity worlds.

"Fine Art Images Celebrating the Power of Birth Undisturbed"

21st Nov 2017, Nicole York for Fstoppers. "The fictional narrative series draws inspiration from figureheads of birth philosophy to shine new light on how we view childbirth." 

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